Private Label


You want to sell hemp products with your shop’s brand, but at the same time you don’t want to invest in your own hemp production? There is no need, since we already have hemp plantations and we’ve developed our own production procedures. As private label products, we can provide some of our well-known products, such as drops and capsules, developed with your design.

We can provide:
– proven high-quality products
– various product packaging
– custom high-end labels design
– marketing and brochures
– other promotional material
– website listings and more

In general, our private label process includes these following steps:

  1. Application process – A request for private label brand starts with meeting with one of our sales representatives. In this step, minimum amount of production and packaging are defined.
  2. Setting up – After GIGASUS Trademark approval of this business inquiry, we provide different designs and product samples. We also provide different packaging suggestions and send it to our client for confirmation.
  3. First production – When the final sample product is approved by our client, we plan the first production. The production will be accompanied by multiple qualified employees to assure the end result meets the client’s standards.
  4. Logistics – We also offer the option to deliver the products to the clients, however, the clients can also arrange their own logistics process.
  5. Marketing support and promotional material – After launching the product, we can also provide you different kinds of promotional material, that includes: website listings, professional photos, graphic design, promotional flyers, brochures etc.

With our 3 years of business experience, we have developed an efficient business model, where we create only the best solutions for even the most complex ideas of our valued customers. With your ideas and our knowledge, we’re sure nothing is impossible. Please send us your inquiry and we will be happy to work on our common project.

Please send us your inquiry to [email protected] and we assure you’ll receive high quality service for your needs.