Our mission is to improve the quality of life of each individual around the world. More precisely our short time vision, which is to have satisfied 2 million customers by the year 2020. With our focus and specific knowledge, we develop only the highest quality hemp products for different customer needs – for prevention of illnesses, need of an energy boost or even as a treatment for different severe health conditions.

To achieve our mission, we are actively looking for different partners and distributors worldwide, who are interested in selling or distributing our hemp products. As a producer, we assure you high-quality products, excellent partnership and very reliable supply for your every need (for example: small quantities, appropriate for boutique shops and high-volume quantities for re-sellers and distributors). Each of our B2B partners have full support of our sales representatives, who provide excellent performance and high-quality experience – from the beginning (often starts with inquiry) until re-ordering.

Our B2B services include different types of co-operation:

– B2B pricing for boutique, specialised shops (retailers)

Let’s say that you own a small/medium specialised shop that sells high quality natural products, or possibly you just want to add some effective, amazing products to your existing assortment. We’re here for you and will provide you our best offer. We want you to grow your business with us.

– B2B pricing for high volume shops (wholesalers)

Let’s assume your business is continually growing, and you own some shops that already make a good sales revenue. Since your customers seek some natural but efficient products, you’re willing to expand your product assortment and find a producer of hemp products. This is where we come in, we assure you the best quality products with full support from our sales representatives. Expanding your business has never been so easy once you’ve partnered with us.

– B2B pricing for (also exclusive) worldwide distributors

Is your business looking for a profitable market that will help millions of people around the world, improving their everyday lives?  If you already have well developed B2B channels, you might be our potential partner. Offered distribution can also be exclusive for area, region or country.

– Joint product development

Do you have special requirements for one of our products? Simply tell us exactly what you need. We will determine which part of the production process we can adapt to ensure the final product meets your specific requirements.

– Private label production

You want to sell hemp products with your shop’s brand, but at the same time you don’t want to invest in your own hemp production? There is no need, since we already have hemp plantations and we’ve developed our own production procedures. As private label products, we can provide some of our well-known products, such as drops and capsules, developed with your design.

– White label production

Are you interested in selling hemp products under various brand names, based on your target market? We can provide you the white label products, so you can invest in your own marketing and sales channels.

Please send us your inquiry to [email protected] and we assure you’ll receive high quality service for your needs.