Story of Hemp Natur CBD

The Story about Hemp Natur and how we first met CBD

The story of Hemp Natur CBD began in May of 2015. It’s a story about business, friendship and a quest of helping people in a natural way.

Thomas and David met one day for a coffee and a friendly chat. They were both working on their separate projects at the time. David was developing software for different corporations and Thomas was starting his own supplements business.

They shared and discussed information while having a coffee, about a newly found substance in a hemp plant called “CBD”, which was supposed to have glorious health benefits. Already it was generally known about the great benefits of drinking hemp tea and eating hemp seeds, but CBD was a game changer. They decided to combine their knowledge, investments and effort to acquire first-hand information about the topic.

Step-by-step story of Hemp Natur Production

First, they researched legality and did market analysis to confirm that the effects of CBD are actually something people have a need for and that the preferred extract is legal in Slovenia and the United Kingdom (which were the desired marketplaces).

1) Plantation

Based on that decision, they acquired the seeds for multiple sorts of hemp and planted them in a field of 100 square yards. The hemp was ready for harvesting mid-October and so they invited their friends and family to hand pick the buds from the plants.

First story of Hemp Field of Hemp Natur
First Hemp Field of Hemp Natur

2) Extraction

The first extraction was done with the commonly known method of alcoholic extraction which was used by our ancestors for centuries for many herbal preparations.

The extracted resin was then sent to analysis and the results told us that we produced hemp resin with 27% of CBD and 1.8% of THC. Since the legal amount of THC present in a product in Slovenia and the United Kingdom is 0.2%, we had to dilute the product with 9 units of Hemp Seed Oil and that gave us our first market legal product – 3% Hemp Natur CBD, thus the real story of Hemp Natur products could truly begin.

Story of Hemp Bud from our first harvest
Hemp Bud from our first harvest

3) Packaging

While David and Thomas were waiting for hemp plants to grow during the summer, they had a lot of time to prepare the product and presentation. David set up the first website and Thomas acquired flasks, pipettes and coordinated Hemp Natur design with a graphic designer. The company was also established in London on 15th of June 2016.

All that was missing at that point was the actual CBD oil. It arrived quickly after, so the first product photographs could also be taken.

Story of Hemp Natur 3% Oil product photo
First Hemp Natur 3% Oil product photo

4) Testing

There was still an issue of how to figure out if the product really brings the promised results before putting it on the market. It is logical and it was well-known even back then, that the natural hemp plant can’t have any risky effects on the human body, so they started using a product and also shared it with their family, friends and acquaintances only in exchange for honest feedback to determine the quality and effects of CBD.

People testing the product were amazed right away and reported better sleeping, lack of headaches, better stress management, an absence of chronic pain, and many more (you can see more effects that CBD treats well here: Effects of CBD).

5) Sales

The 3 % Hemp Natur CBD product was finished, the company was established and Hemp Natur was ready to help people all around the world.

Except nobody wanted to list or place the product at their store due to prejudices, ignorance and 50 years of restriction and stigmatisation of Cannabis / Hemp. Thomas and David spent the next year educating and informing people about Hemp benefits, so people would accept and give a chance to this natural remedy.

Around that time the slogan “Take a leap towards a better life” was introduced, to help people overcome the irrational fear of the plant in question, so they could help themselves to improve their life with a completely natural remedy. After giving Hemp a chance, people started to realise the amazing benefits of CBD. The first online sale was also made to Chile via eBay.

The second product was 3% CBD with gold leaves.

Old Hemp Natur product Family
Old Hemp Natur product Family

Troubles and difficulties

Troubles are always present in our lives and we are happy to overcome them here at Hemp Natur. Although, they are a bit more common and difficult when it comes to our industry. Our ambition to help people is always set in a grey area, even though our products are legal, certified, and regularly inspected by health care inspectors. Our products also won’t get you high due to very low THC content, so there really is no rational reason to prevent CBD sales.

Different European countries are trying to classify CBD as such a substance that only big pharmaceutical companies would be allowed to produce and sell. Some have already succeeded.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Ads and many more are blocking and censoring content with CBD and blocking users who share information and experiences.

Amazon listed CBD as an illegal substance and is therefore not allowed to be sold on their platforms.

Actions like this are in the offence of free speech regulation and nobody is currently being held responsible.

Improvement to the story of Hemp Natur

We improved quite a lot from our first productions. Here is a list of things we have updated and improved since:

  • We switched to a CO2 extraction method, since it keeps many natural hemp substances intact, compared to the alcoholic method.
  • We decided to replace hemp oil with coconut oil since it has a more pleasant taste when mixed with CBD and it stays fresh and intact for much longer periods.
  • We got a new logo, new product labels and packaging.
  • We have completely renovated our website (you are currently viewing the new one).
  • We added some highly educated team members.
  • We developed new products.
  • We expanded our offers to include other high-quality brands.
  • We added products for pets.

If you have any other prepositions for future improvements, please let us know at [email protected].

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