Hemp resin by Be Hempy (1500 mg CBD)

Hemp resin by Be Hempy (1500 mg CBD)


This product contains all the cannabinoids as well as 1500mg of CBD. Use it for treating long lasting diseases such as cancer, MS, diabetes, dementia etc.

CBD: 1500 mg
Volume: 5 ml

made in Slovenia

Full spectrum of cannabinoids and 1500mg of CBD contained in this product.

30% CBD paste/resin in 5ml cartridge.

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I really can’t say enough about CBD. My 10-year-old girl has suffered from terrible seizures for several years. After visiting several different neurologists who kept prescribing anti-seizure meds which did not work, we began using CBD oil which provided almost instant relief. It took some time to figure out which product worked best but now we use Hemp Natur 1000mg drops as they provided us the best results.

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Hemp resin by Be Hempy (1500 mg CBD)|CBD paste 30 %

Legal disclaimer: Product is not intended as a cure for healing diseases – only sold as food supplements.