5% CBD Hemp Oil by Mistatera 500mg (10ml)

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5% CBD Hemp Oil by Mistatera 500mg (10ml)


Mistatera CBD drops are the best answer for your body and soul balance. Start your new life now with Mistatera.


This 5% CBD oil contains full spectrum cannabinoids extract, which will guide you towards a happy and a balanced life.

Full spectrum cannabinoids (to name a few: CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, THC) used in this product will provide higher levels of relief in opposition to CBD isolate.


In addition to this, independent certification confirms the THC content present in this bottle is completely legal and safe, containing below the EU legal limit of 0.2%.

Adding to previously stated, CBD resin is dissolved in organic coconut oil to produce elite mixture of natural substances.

To clarify further, coconut oil (known as “super-food”) is high in healthy saturated fats, that can have positive effects to our health.

Hence, why the hemp resin tastes much better compared to other merging methods.

This product contains ingredients that are 100% of plant origin, therefore the product is vegan, gluten free and non-GMO.

In conclusion, the wide range of cannabinoids, lab analyses, multiple certifications and controlled natural origin contribute to the highest quality product.


5% CBD Recommended Daily Intake

For general well-being: twice a day drop 2-3 drops under your tongue, hold for a minute and swallow.

As a treatment: three times a day drop 5 drops under your tongue, hold for a minute and swallow.


Best CBD Oil body absorption
  • Shake bottle before use.
  • Drop a couple of drops under your tongue
  • Hold for a minute and swallow.


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