3 % CBD Oil by Hemp Natur

3 % CBD Oil by Hemp Natur


Hemp Natur’s 3% CBD drops can be used as an effective relief from any minor discomforts or issues in their very early stages. Our product contains carefully extracted premium cold pressed hemp oil, suitable for men, women and children.


Contains CO2 extracted cannabis resin.
CBD: 300 mg
Volume: 10 ml

made in UK

POWERFUL INGREDIENTS! 10 ml packaging contains 250 drops and 3 % (300 mg) of pure cannabidiol (CBD). Hemp flower extract is diluted in cold pressed hemp seed oil which also contains healthy omega 3 fats. CBD oil contains a full spectrum of 113 different cannabinoids as well as powerful herbal agents, anti-inflammatory terpenes, and antioxidants.

100% NATURAL! Our CBD oil is made from 100% naturally grown hemp plants with no added harmful substances used in the production process.


3 reviews for 3 % CBD Oil by Hemp Natur

I have started to take this as soon as it came, 5 drops twice a day. It is a brown oil that is 97% olive oil and 3% CBD oil so the taste is not too bad, the smell is very similar to cannabis or weed, but the taste is mild hemp. It comes in a brown glass bottle to protect the contents from sunlight and is recommended to consume within 3 months of opening.

It is too soon to say all benefits now as I’ve only been using it for the last 3 days. But it works!

Helped for insominia simptoms. Also , will help people with chronic anxiety

For start , to try and understand what is CBD is good. Probably, good for anxiety. However, I recomend to start from 5% CBD.

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Legal disclaimer: Product is not intended for cure or healing diseases – only sold as food supplements.