Cannamedis OmegaCann Capsules (60 capsules)

Cannamedis OmegaCann Capsules (60 capsules)


The combination of hemp and Omega 3 + Omega 9 is fantastic for the improvement of your heart and venous system.


Content of the capsules: linseed oil complex (Linum usitatissimum L.), corn syrup powder, modified starch, silica, E471 emulsifier, antioxidant E301, dried leaves and flowers from industrial cannabis (Cannabis sativa L. var sativa in powder), the capsule (hydroxy-propyl-methyl cellulose of vegetable origin).

Application: Take 3 capsules daily. Recommended to use before a meal with water or other fluids.


3 capsules (recommended daily dose) contain:

  • linseed oil complex 1600 mg,
  • of which naturally occurring alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is 0.36 g,
  • dried leaves and flowers from industrial cannabis.

Cannabis sativa L. var. sativa in powder form 228 mg

  • of which naturally present CBD 1.1 mg.

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Good Omega-3 capsules for whole family. And customer service is five stars.

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Cannamedis OmegaCann hemp omega Capsules

Legal disclaimer: Product is not intended as a cure for healing diseases – only sold as food supplements.